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Hotel Peninsular was inaugurated in 1876, located at Calle Sant Pau, 34, in a unique building in the Raval district of Barcelona. It has gone through different phases and owners, in the eighteenth century it was the old convent of the order of the Augustinian friars (1730), in 1868 it was the Great Inn Peninsular Restaurant with Prudenci Bros as chef. In 1875 it was inaugurated as a Peninsular Hotel, with five Italian partners and directed by Francisco Totti of the company Silvestre i Cª. Being a luxurious hotel establishment highly appreciated and requested by the clientele. In 1912 it was owned by Mr. Regàs, Badó and Maulini.

In the sixties the Hotel was bought by the Herrero-Catalán family who in the nineties underwent a very respectful deep remodeling in order to provide the facilities with the best services and to enhance the Modernist elements of their architecture.

Today, a picturesque patio with three floors of modernist aesthetics with hydraulic flooring still exists, which gives this building a distinct and unique charm that will surprise you.

Today, the Hotel Peninsular is run by the third generation of the Herrero-Catalán family, who, with maximum dedication and affection, have managed to permeate the relationships with their guests in a warm family atmosphere.

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A review of history

❧ 1730 Convent of the Order of Augustinian Friars.

❧ 1868 Prudenci Bros was chef of Elizabeth II. After the dethronement he returned to Barcelona and entered the service of the Fonda La Peninsular.

❧ 1875 La Gran Fonda Restaurante Peninsular directed by the Ithian Francisco Totti of the society Silvestre y Cª.

❧ 1888 The year of the Universal Exhibition the establishment was known as Hotel Peninsular and it emerged as a successful business.

❧ 1912 Renovated to 90 rooms, the owners were Messrs. Regàs, Badó and Maulini.

❧ 1952 TheHotel Peninsular had 70 rooms, 40 bathrooms and an "accomplished cuisine" as advertised back then.

❧ 1960s. TheHotel Peninsular is acquired by the current owners, the Herrero-Catalán family.

❧ 2020 Today, it is run by the third generation of the Herrero-Catalán family that owns the establishment.

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